Voice first social media

Connecting people from all over the world to build a diverse global community, united by voice

Your Voice Matters

Huut is the only platform which aspires to bring high quality entertaining & informational content to the world. Let’s reimagine social media together, empowered by voice.

Become a Creator

We believe the creators are the fulcrum for any new medium. Join us in our adventure to explore & build the neo social reality for you.

Build your Community

Let’s build a place together, where you belong. Be it a club for school, work, a cause, or your passion. We will find a tribe for you. A place you can hang out every day.

Creator Economy is the future

The future is now. We are building a creator-first economy because only by identifying and motivating the true creators, any system can survive and thrive. If you are inspired to create, welcome home.

Make meaningful connections that matter

Unlike traditional social media, we want to build a place where meaningful connections can be fostered, so we are constantly envisioning & building features to bring real-time engagement.

Our Tribe


We can easily say that huut is the “Social Media with Emotions”. Absolutely loving it! Highly recommended.

Ramraj Alagarswamy

Huut is a great and unique voice sharing social media app. It is quite different from how people interact on other social media apps.

Sakthivel Ramachandran

Amazing experience using huut to share our voice and explore huut without ads. Provides User friendly interface and freedom to express in our own language.

– Sudhan Rajaram